“Cradled in blue infinity, she made her bed among the stars.” (“The Unknown” ~Odd Poet Girl) 
It is funny how life works, sometimes. I think at the height of young naivety we truly believe we have it all figured out (this thing called life). My goals were to attend Stanford, major in English and Political Science so that I could become an attorney (either corporate or sports/entertainment because there werent many women in those fields back then), and write books on the side until I secured enough money to retire fully from the monotony [and politics] of law. I would be married, have children and once they were off to college and settling into lives of their own, I was to relocate permanently to Europe . There is something about the old world that moves my spirit. I had the pleasure of traveling to Germany by way of London and fell in love with the world of antiquity. Every gothic structure, fountain, cobblestone road – all it made me want to stay forever. I realize every day wouldnt be filled with a pocketful of sunshine and wildflowers and I certainly understood I would not be able to go rolling downhill in grassy meadows every day of the week but, I was perfectly content in finding work in a quaint little tea house until I discovered what it was I sought in the first place [ENTER LIFE HERE]. It was not written in the stars for me. J Perhaps God felt I would eventually tire of it and not see it for the beauty and mystery I see it as now. Who knows?

2 thoughts on “Life Happens Here

  1. Life unfolds in odd ways.

    I lived in Germany for 2 years. There really was something about it that was magical. I almost stayed, but was still too young (23 years old) to figure it all out.

    1. I would totally have sent for my children – leaving everything else, and made my home in Germany. You’re right. There is magic within those rolling hills and towering peaks. Its very essence draws you in, beckoning you to stay.

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