Island sun welcomed her return. Allamanda, bougainvillea, and hibiscus sweetly seized her into remembrance. She inhaled a life nearly forgotten.  Clinging to the arm of a soul she longed to know, her ponytail swayed in the salty air.  Silence filled the space between them and she welcomed it.  For her, conversation felt strange but in her kind understanding of others and their needs, she would oblige when necessary.  Painfully shy, the smallest measure of focused attention would cause a tsunami of redness.

Bouncing along the way, her fingers traced the crease of her favorite pantsuit. Perhaps it was nervousness or excitement.   Quietly, she sat.  The vibrant hues of aqua blue and green endlessly streamed in her eyes. Ever observant, her silence allowed her mind to engage in vivid play.  With her gazed now fixed on the horizon, she began slinking further into her own obscurity, a gentle voice declared, “We’re here.”

© 2016

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