Paulo Coelho is one writer I highly admire.  His ability to make profound, the simplest messages (that which many of innately know yet, elect to overlook) is deserving of praise.  Stumbling upon this quote made the upward curves of my lips irresistible. It speaks to me.  It’s speaks to my mission. It seems that I have been searching for myself far too long.  Perhaps it is because deep within, I always knew it to be true and opted for an alternate existence for the sake of “fitting in.”  It’s funny how others can encounter you and instantly see beyond the facade, recognizing your true nature.  I don’t wear masks very well.

Lately, I feel lighter.  Pounds of hardened flesh fall away from me.  Personally, I find it scarily fascinating because the receding flesh exposes vulnerabilities – in my existence, my writing, and more. Who I am, now on public display for scrutiny.  My mindful thoughts are now given to complete strangers with the understanding that there will be criticism – fallout, perhaps. Edging closer to the cliff’s edge, the timpani-like cadence plays out in my chest.

Moments of hesitation beg to question my commitment.  Self-doubt, garbed in black cloak, lurks in the shadows. Yet, a gentle voice pierces the darkness, speaking the language of my soul. It offers encouragement and a loving reminder that I am never alone.

With bated breath, vision fades to black, feet leap from the edge and wind catches me. It is time to soar.

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