For the past month I have been using a social media app called Periscope.  Developed by the creators of Twitter, it allows live-streaming broadcasts around the world.  For the first week, I observed.  The following week, I decided to tip a toe into the pool.  One month later, I have become a part of two groups and really enjoy the interactions.  Through this amazing app I have traveled virtually to amazing countries I long to see, encountered many kindred spirits of the creative and tree-hugging mold, and now, am committed to scoping regularly. If you’d like to join me for early morning or afternoon thoughts and things, you can find me here.

What could I possibly have to say?  Nothing.  Everything.  I simply look forward to continuing the light and uplifting direction I am in and that is something worthy of sharing with the world if my sunny disposition can serve to help just one soul view life positively.  I made an agreement with myself.  I gave my word that I would use my skills and talents in a manner that serves.  I am, after all, human(itarian).

This will prove highly interesting and I look forward to where it leads.



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