David Bowie. Husband. Father. Actor. Singer. Musician. Songwriter. BRILLIANT.

My morning routine was abruptly interrupted by the saddening news of David Bowie’s transition into the afterlife. Taken aback by the news, I momentarily sat in disbelief – as if my defiance would somehow change what I just read. Sadness held me tightly once my mind shifted to a state of acceptance.  Some would venture to ask why a stranger’s death would bear any impact on my life.  Admittedly, I too, questioned myself.  Perhaps it is because I have loved the Starman (yes, David Bowie really is otherworldly) of beautiful creation for as long as I can remember. Growing up listening to his music, watching him perform, and on film makes you feel connected in some way.  I have long admired his daring flare. It demanded attention.  David Bowie, for all of his fame and success was exuded a graciously humble spirit throughout his career. It is no surprise that, in death, he would do the same.  While I could write a small chapbook about David Bowie, I will not.  His legacy speaks volumes and his final EP, Blackstar is a testament to his earthly presence.

David Bowie, you were and will forever be an icon whose legend will not be limited to your musical talents, but to so many other aspects of the artist that is YOU.  Yes. There is a sea of talent in the music and film industries. Yet, only a select few – undefined by fame or accolades, truly epitomize creative genius.  Thank you for giving us four decades of groundbreaking, trailblazing artistry that constantly evolved, influenced, and pushed the envelope of music. You live on through your amazing bodies of work and we, your fans, will never forget.

Yes. It is truly just like you to be free, like that bluebird.  Fly, fly away.

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