“Happy New Year.  You are such a good writer.  Never fear to venture into any kind of writing.  You have the talent.  And more importantly you have the soul of a writer.” 

From his lips, to God and the universe’s ears. Five years ago, today, those sentiments were passionately expressed to me by one of the greatest influences.  Although time saw fit to sever our communication for many years, neither of us ever stopped thinking of the other.  I overturned every brick, every stone to find him. Much to my delight, he was equally as ecstatic to be reunited. We communicated daily, sometimes several times over the course of a day.  We could never grow dull of one another.  We were both passionate about literature, writing, and each other.  In my eyes, he was the most intellectually brilliant being I have ever known.  I inhaled his verse only to exhale heightened muse.  It was easy with him, never forced.  We journeyed to old worlds, new worlds, and all the spaces in between – through words.  Dare I say I loved him.  Yes. I dare.  I did love him and he, me. I might go so far as to say he was my first lesson of genuinely true love from one of no blood relation. A scholar in his own right and a perfect gentleman, his wisdom captured me.  I, eager to learn and grow, surrendered.

Our delightful exchanges removed the miles between us.  Nothing else existed Nothing else mattered. Time stood still. If my soul is that of a writer he made it so. For that, for him, I am forever grateful.

You are sorely missed.

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