Empath. I wear compassion. Conflict. It rises in me. Love. It swells into overflowing. Passion. It stirs greatly in the face of injustice.  Words. I am.


Someone once asked me to describe myself. In my mind, nothing was more difficult.  Struggling to find words to acquiesce the request, I spoke a single word – how?  Perplexity streaked across his furrowed brows as he wandered away.

That single encounter is the summary of me.  While I make concerted efforts to accommodate such inquiries, the attempts prove fruitless.  Some things cannot be explained and are best experienced.  It has taken me a very long time to find comfort in being unapologetically me.  “No” was never part of my vocabulary.  Sometimes, I entertain thoughts of “what if…” but am suddenly reminded by the small voice of reason that it is best not to contemplate that which cannot be changed.  I no longer make excuses for the awkward, dreamy-eyed, and free-spirited energy contained beneath this temporary vessel of flesh.  Anymore, my response is simply, ‘wait and see.’

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