Bravery is walking away from what many consider certainty in order to pursue a burning passion that never escapes you.

Bravery is mustering the strength to say “enough” and walk away from a toxic relationship.

Bravery is walking the path that is least traveled, even if the price is ridicule, resentment, and in some instances, loss.

Bravery is possessing the ability to say, “I cannot do this alone…” and asking for help when pride would otherwise compel you to struggle in silence.

Bravery is being able to say, “I’m sorry” to the people you love dearly.

Bravery is understanding the importance of sacrifice and being willing to do so if it benefits a greater good.

Bravery is boldly loving your flaws, quirks, and awkward ways even when most people don’t quite know or care to understand you.

Bravery is declaring with all certainty and gladness, “I am.”

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