Human – susceptible to or representative of the sympathies and frailties of human nature

Humanity – the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals

Humanitarian – a person who works to make other people’s lives better


What a beautiful and interesting state it is to be human.  What a marvelous wonder to possess a heart of kindness, one that understands that serving others improves the lives of all.  I am fortunate to virtually know two amazing souls committed to spotlighting the many social injustices taking place around the world while serving to debunk myths, eliminate stereotypical beliefs, and incite masses to critically view the events shaping the world around us through love and other acts of human kindness.

There have been a series of global broadcasts taking place since the inception of Periscope.  What proves most inspiring and hopeful is the amount of people choosing to use their channels to help create a shift and bring about social change.  Amrit Singh and Anita Wing Lee are two individuals who utilize their life experiences, personal aptitudes, and professionals skills to create an awareness that forces viewers to sit up, take note, and truly reflect inward – confronting their own personal skepticism, prejudices, and veiled beliefs.

Anita is the founder of Global Meditation Scope, the largest global meditation movement on social media in which 150 broadcasters led meditations from 25 different countries across 5 continents.  Inspired by the stories shared by a friend who, while vacationing, immediately stepped in to help after stumbling across Greek shores riddled with personal belongings lost as thousands of Syrians arrived, Anita also felt compelled to help.  The Soul Fam Fund was born as a result.  December 2015, she packed her life into a single suitcase and left Toronto, Canada. Committed to making a difference, Anita embarked on a 4,000-mile caravan across the U.S., beginning January 1st in New York and ending in San Francisco.  Her goal was to raise funds and awareness of the Syrian refugee crisis in Greece. Immediately after her Soul Fam Caravan ended, Anita boarded a plane headed for Greece where she remains today.

Amrit is an artist, creative designer, and motivational speaker.  He is also the founder of the online movement Rebel Creatives.  Rebel Creatives are a group of highly passionate and creative individuals utilizing their talents to rebel against the popular social conventions of today’s world by focusing on and highlighting the social good that exists. Now Humanity is his brainchild and was born out of his deep desire to help others.

Periscope united two souls that share a common cause, humanitarianism.  Both Amrit and Anita have used their Periscope channels to promote social good and inspire others to do the same.  Both have held fundraisers and scope tirelessly to provoke the hard, but necessary conversations that must take place to shift views and compel people to act.

The crisis in Syria is no secret.  This is the greatest exodus from a region our time has seen since WWII. Nearly 3 million people have been forced to migrate elsewhere, seeking safety.  Imagine a classroom filled with bright young minds eager to learn.  Their teacher explaining how the horrific events presently taking place have now made them and their country a significant part of global history.  Can you hear the instructor expressing to his students that everything happening in their homeland now has a permanent place between the pages of books that future scholars will read and debate? Picture small eyes glistening with wonder as they process their future remembrance when suddenly, a projectile pierces the sky, breaching the sound barrier and breaking their concentration. Small bodies automatically shift down and away from the windows, huddling together beneath desks. Thankfully, this mortar round was not intended for them – today.  Instead, smoke rises in the near distance  after making another structure and its occupants prey.  This is a single example of the horrors Syrians face at home.

Although, millions of Syrians have fled, those attempting to flee face other obstacles.  Somewhere on the seas, thousands of desperate people seek to rebuild life elsewhere – if the sea does not claim them first. Waters are chilling, many have been lied to – given false life jackets that will not save them.  Unwavering and united in their efforts because the fear of death at home outweighs the risks of a treacherous sea, many reach the shores of Turkey and Greece.  Pleading for help and a safe place to rest, men, women, and children seek refuge in the arms and countries of strangers carrying faith they will be met by open borders and open hearts. This is the battle of a people fighting to escape war, fighting for the human right to live.

Mainstream media serves us the dish of condition and preference.  The footage and stories are meant to guide thinking and discourage questioning.  Yet, when you speak with those on the ground in Greece and in Turkey, the paint of the picture runs differently.  Through technologies such as Periscope, amazing people are finding their footing in social media and using it for causes greater than themselves, revealing the truth.

Anita actively volunteers at the campsites and scopes daily to continue bringing viewers the real conditions of the camps, their occupants, and the volunteers who have come from all over the world to help.  Anita has been on the ground in Lesbos, Greece since January, lending support in any way possible. Amrit joined Anita today and will spend the next nine days doing the same – scoping for social good and serving his fellow humans.

Amrit and Anita collaborated to create a Peritrain consisting of multiple, back-to-back live-streaming scopes, each hosted by different broadcasters speaking about what it means to be human.  Additionally, another auction was held to raise funds during a couple of segments.  All monies raised go directly to help the Syrian refugees by purchasing needed items.

The wind is stirring. One feels a mild rumbling beneath the ground and the dawning of a new day brings with it hope. A single voice can reach many.  Two voices united can reach many more.  But how many can thousands of voices reach?  Struggle exists all across this world.  People are being dehumanized, losing loved ones, and forced into a state of flight for fear they will not survive the night.  I have heard it said many times that war is necessary.  What happens to the lives of those who survive the wars they did not incite?  Where is their safe passage? Who fights for them? Are we as a collective society of human beings so removed from the atrocities in which war brings that we can live with ignoring the fallout? What if these life-altering events were happening to us and no one ever responded to our cries for help? Think, feel, remember who you are – HUMAN.



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