Moving in the shadows, the looming figure hovers. His calm inciting the need for air as his attempt to linger triggered outrage.

“No! You cannot have her!”
“That’s not for you to decide.”
“Perhaps not, but I will fight to save her…we all will.”
“There is no need. I did not come for her today.”
“Why are you here?”, a quivering voice demands.
“This visit was merely to make her formal acquaintance.”
“That isn’t necessary. She, like the rest of us, are well-acquainted with you.”
“It is inevitable, you know.”
“Inevitable as it may be, it isn’t destined to happen today.  You need to leave! We have work to do.”
“I will see you all soon enough.”
“No you will not!”

This internal war between words and reason takes place in the time it took to read the words, “She has cancer, stage 4a.”



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