Wouldn’t it be nice if every soul understood what it means to give and receive equally in love and without expectation? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all beings of our species exemplified HUMANITY? How refreshing might it be to look at each other and RESPECT our differences while ACKNOWLEDGING our similarities?

What if fathers and mothers everywhere in the world could know PEACE because children could safely attend schools, play outdoors, and walk down neighborhood streets without risk of abduction, violation, or death? How SECURE would children feel knowing their parents will return to them each day and night after long hours of labor because no one died at the hands of an enebriated/reckless driver, car jacking, robbery, or worse? What if the ONLY cares we all truly ever had were how to best serve those we love and our communities? What if the biggest worry we all faced was how to make the most of our limited, yet precious resource (time) with the ones we love?

What would happen if we all stopped pointing fingers, stopped talking about the problems and instead worked to be better individuals that COLLECTIVELY sought and executed solutions?

Would our world then be perfect? No, it would not be perfect because the beauty of humanity lies within the differences that offer each of us unique perspective. But it may very well incite problem-solving that does not demean, insult, or viciously attack others because we would understand that all of us are here and will continue to be here in some capacity.

What if we all chose to COURAGEOUSLY LOVE instead of FEARFULLY HATE? What legacy would we all then leave behind for our future generations? What if EVERYONE set an example of responsible behavior, accountability and performed every act from a sincere place of love, truth, light, and integrity as opposed to impulsively reacting/overreacting to half-truths and manipulated information provided to us all in order to spark fear and hate?

What if…

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