Welcome to my weekly writing prompts page for the month of March!  Each week, a new prompt will be added to this section.  I would love to read what you create and encourage you to share an excerpt in the comments, or on my Odd Poet Girl Facebook page. HAPPY WRITING!

“Piercing through me, her gaze invited me to search inside her soul while, unknowingly, she was tearing into my own.” ~Collier


"Piercing through me, her gaze invited me me to search inside her soul while, unknowingly, she was tearing into my own." ~OPG

March 30, 2016

A twinkling eye can mean many things. Start with a twinkle in someone’s eye and see where it takes you.

Unleash your inner verse!


“Call Housekeeping.” ~The Countess, AHS: Hotel

March 23, 2016
It is late at night, everything is closed, and your character was just in a horrible fight with their significant other. Upset and not giving thought to the area in which their fight ensued, your character exits the vehicle.  Equally furious, their boyfriend/girlfriend drives off. Your character suddenly realizes they are alone on the street.  All of the local businesses are closed, except for a really creepy hotel.  Unable to call for a taxi, your character decides to pay for a single night in the hotel.  As soon as he/she steps inside, an eerie feeling overwhelms them. Unsure if they should stay, but realizing at this point they have no other option, they secure a room for one night.  Upon entering Room 375, your character becomes even more unnerved by what he/she sees and wants to leave.  Eventually, he/she decides to stay.  Throughout the night, things go from eerie, to worse.

From your character’s point of view, detail why the hotel is eerily creepy.  What is the mood of the hotel?  How does your character feel about their hotel room? Show readers your character’s mood.

You have many directions to pen this writing prompt.  Get creative!


“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.” ~Allen Ginsberg

March 16, 2016
This week’s writing prompt is inspired by the remarkable author, Virginia Woolf:

Write a letter to a friend detailing your inability to express yourself through writing.  Begin the letter with:

“I could not write, and all the devils came out…”



“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ~Thomas Merton

March 9, 2016
This week’s writing prompt is inspired by poet, Mary Oliver’s works. Prepare yourself, breathe deeply, and finish the following:

If someday you can’t find me, you might…



“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen to your heart.” ~Ann Sexton

March 2, 2016
Writing Prompt (Courtesy of Writer’s Digest): Write a story that begins with the title of the book you’ve most recently read (or are currently reading) and ends with the name of your favorite character that you’ve written.  If you haven’t developed a character, choose a favorite character from a story, a television series, fairy tale, or alter ego.



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