When I am graced with the ordinary I notice that life itself is truly extraordinary.  The greatest pleasures derive from the simplest things.  The beauty of ordinary is that it is real.  There are no false pretenses and no unrealistic expectations.   There is only the moment. In that moment, I am free to love, laugh, and share the simple pleasures that bring me joy with others.  Ordinary graces me with time by the sea. Affording me quiet observations at dusk and dawn, my heart becomes full. These moments are important for me because my mind dwells in the spaces somewhere between imagination and fantasy mostly.  Thus, what I observe is largely of my own creation.

There is something about being in the presence of a vast night sky when life is still and the world is quiet. In these moments, my attention turns inward, focusing on my heart beating.  There is an indescribable calm radiating throughout my being with each pulse. Somehow, my attentions are returned to the present. In this moment, my mind returns to the present.  The flickering night sky is a sweet indulgence and subtle reminder of how beautiful an ordinary starry night makes for the sweetness of dreams.

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