He Waits, Patiently

Moving in the shadows, the looming figure hovers. His calm inciting the need for air as his attempt to linger triggered outrage. “No! You cannot have her!” “That’s not for you... Read More

Innocence Lost

An estimated 2.7 million refugees have fled the war-torn regions of Syria and Afghanistan – as well as other countries in the Middle East subjected to major conflict.  While mainstream med... Read More

Remember Me

Once in your life, if you’re lucky, someone comes along and changes your life in such a way you are never the same.  When you find yourself consumed by fond thoughts as you recall loving kindne... Read More

Bravery is…

Bravery is walking away from what many consider certainty in order to pursue a burning passion that never escapes you. Bravery is mustering the strength to say “enough” and walk away from ... Read More

Heat Seekers

Unraveling, she peeled away layers of dark matter.  Steadily, she emerged, rising slowly as the warmth of her growing smile shone like wildfire creeping along the horizon. Revealing all of it at once... Read More