The Coming

I can hear them…sometimes in the night.  Inaudible voices echoing along a seemingly endless corridor.  I never see them when I am awake, only when I dream.  Dream state or not, I feel them... Read More


“…and the concrete burned through her soles.” ~F. Higley Resettling into her island step, a flush of red sweeping upwards towards a fixed gaze.  Her past life is nothing more than... Read More


Evolution is not always beautiful and it requires sacrifice. Remarkably, nature has perfected the art of change. We, her meek residents are still learning. To know sacrifice is to know change. Growth ... Read More

Year of the Scribe

  We are 13 days into the new year.  Prior to its arrival, I resigned within myself 2016 would be the year of accountability.  This will be the year of writing. I made a promise to someone. I v... Read More

The Words

“Happy New Year.  You are such a good writer.  Never fear to venture into any kind of writing.  You have the talent.  And more importantly you have the soul of a writer.”  From his li... Read More

My Paint

Frida Kahlo was once said, “I am not sick. I am broken. But  I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.”  A kindred in words and love of nature posed this question: “What is yo... Read More

Just Write

Untainted, complete in its fullness of color, nothing stares back at me.  My mind offers no inspiration, no guidance other than a forced whisper, “just write.”  What shall I write?  Log... Read More