Willful Living

One of my favorite songs greeted me a couple of hours after I opened my eyes this morning.  As I strummed my air guitar to Switchfoot’s “Meant to Live”, I couldn’t resist smi... Read More

Life Happens Here

“Cradled in blue infinity, she made her bed among the stars.” (“The Unknown” ~Odd Poet Girl)  It is funny how life works, sometimes. I think at the height of young naivety we ... Read More

Moment in Time

Island sun welcomed her return. Allamanda, bougainvillea, and hibiscus sweetly seized her into remembrance. She inhaled a life nearly forgotten.  Clinging to the arm of a soul she longed to know... Read More

My First Post!

In the past, I have made attempts to blog.  The challenges of being an ambivert lie within the struggle to share.  I want to share but often wonder how my thoughts and expressions might be useful t... Read More

Musings and Ponderance

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Random Thoughts My mind’s eye sees that which, elevates my thoughts to a higher realm; where I contemplate this worldly thing called life. So much death, so much hate, and angst, spawn from a ho... Read More

Beyond the Green

Have you ever stopped to appreciate your lawn for more than its curb appeal?  Do you remember the last time you actually planted yourself on a bed of grass?  As a child, many daydreams were declare... Read More


I never know what I will pen until ink stains the page.  It is a wildly exciting and frustrating feeling.  Some would say I am one who is easily fascinated.  Perhaps. The creator made me who I am. ... Read More

In Search of Something

“She is going to be just fine.  She’ll be a late bloomer, but she’ll be fine.”  22 years later and the words spoken by a beloved mentor still resound in my head for I still have not blossome... Read More