I am

am·bi·vert – n. a person having characteristics of both extrovert and introvert

While many adjectives are fitting to provide you with insight into who I am, Ambivert is ideal.  Like many introverts, I find it painfully difficult to meet new people, at times.  Yet, I love meeting new people.  I suppose it would be easy to type a list of the people in my life, places I have been, beliefs I hold, and things I have accomplished. I suppose I could, but somehow, doing so feels less authentic.

To engage you in a one-sided discussion all about me feels slightly vain and self-absorbed. Why tell you who I am when making my acquaintance across these pages may prove so much sweeter?

I hope you join me, sharing in the delight of all things art, life, music, film, and more.  You may find it entertaining -musings of the wildly spirited girl residing inside the quiet shyness.

Ultimately, I leave you to draw your own conclusions of me. For now, please know that, I am in the words, the words in me; and so, I write.

I think our tea is ready.