Form Poetry


The Eintou is an African American poetry form comprised of 32 syllables using a 2-4-6-8-6-4-2 structure.  The term Eintou is West African. In English, it means “pearl”.

the love
behind her eyes
shares but a small portion
of the beautiful light within
dancing on starlight, held
in deep regard –
her grace.
c. 2017

Cosmic Rhythm
she moves
on cosmic winds
across universal
seas. planting seeds of love, in kind.
her heart beats rhythms of
infinite love
for all.
c. 2017

Endless Sea, My Affinity

is the beauty
of the sea whose vastness
speaks to the deepest part of me.
As my affinity,
you have the heart
of me.

The Compassionate Heart

dancing through life’s
storms; stain earth with tears cried
for the souls of men, never
herself. weary heart, worn
life, still she paints
the sun.
© 2015


Driven Spirit

fierce when
she pursues her
heart’s passion; conquering
all obstacles laid before her
ever seeking life’s truths
her fire burns
© 2015





she is
like wind beneath
blue sky; unseen presence
filling space with her energy.
her strength lies in her love,
warmth, and care for.
she is.
© 2015



eyes see
beyond earthly
realms; peer deep into space
defying man’s law for spirit
to embrace providence;
wise beyond the
© 2015


Old Soul

eyes wide,
full of wisdom,
soul rich in history,
stringing words of truth transcending
time to liberate souls
of a people
she loves
© 2015


Poetic Soul

she smiles,
hearts of men sing;
longing to be present
in the secret place of her soul,
from where timeless truth speaks
elusive is
her song
© 2014



peace, it
washes over
me like gentle spring rain;
washing and healing spirit wounds
refreshing my third eye.
soul restored, I
am whole.
© 2014


The Pursuit

his eyes
burn with fire
igniting restless soul
now ablaze pursuing his dream
he will not be denied
instead, he will
be great
© 2013 


Soul Burst

soft words
whispered between
kindred spirits unite
soul fusion as thoughts intertwine
carefully souls’ windows
meet and worlds
© 2013


Gone Too Soon

heaven sheds tears
for the precious lives lost
to hatred, fear, and ignorance;
having never known life’s wonder
we blink, they’re gone,
too soon.
© 2010



she weeps,
longing for love,
instead received only
broken body and shattered dreams.
rough hands torment pretty,
birthing new dream –
© 2010


Freedom Song

Men filled
with greed, blinded
by selfish gain, clip wings
relentlessly – fearing a flight
greater than their own. Caged,
she sings songs of
© 2009


Weep for Me

will you weep for
me as I have no tears
left to cry. I am empty, robbed
of my  pearl like clam shells
lying fathoms
© 2007


First Light

Sun creeps
slowly beyond
the horizon charting
footprints left the night before – a
broken garden full of
sorrow as the
dawn weeps
© 2006





Comprised of three lines and 17 syllables, the Haiku is traditional Japanese form of poetry.   Haiku is  diverse in that it does not have to follow the commonly used three metrical units (5-7-5, three lines).  There are multiple ways to compose Haiku including 12-5, 9-8, and 10-7 to identify a few. Nature is the focal point of the haiku.

Haiku #19
there, where he once stood,
another, now in his place
crushed like trampled leaves.
© 2017

haiku #18
warring words rage on
threatening the life of muse
olive branch hangs low

haiku #17

against the world’s radiance
a small grain of sand.


haiku #16

her passions run deep
cry rivers for the abused
pray spring brings relief
© 2015


haiku#15 (for Elizabeth)

beautiful brown girl
stringing heartfelt melody
summer is her smile
© 2015


haiku #14 (for Tzynya)

gently riding waves
stringing shells on strands of kelp
the seamaiden sings
© 2015


haiku #13

Crescent moon, Venus
dance across indigo sky
Spring rains breathe new life.
© 2015


haiku #12

he walks among moons
illuminating the stars
reaching worlds beyond
© 2014


haiku #11

sleepy eye waking
fixes gaze on life below
mouth yawning wet heat
© 2013


haiku #10

wild eyes piercing night
seeing beyond the darkness
embracing the light
© 2013 

haiku #9

studded night skyline
divinely wrapped around earth
luna pearl accent
© 2012







Dedication to Away with the Fairies

While strolling secret pathways hidden deep,
and sunlight plays upon treetop hollows.
I vow secrets of your beauty to keep.
Careful, make sure no one ever follows.

This is the place of mystery and dreams;
a realm much like the fairytales of old.
Where chivalrous men guard their fair maidens,
nature creates wondrous sites to behold

A place where there’s vast space and endless time;
vibrant flowers wildly paint the prairies.
Here is where my heart and spirit unwind.
I’m free to fly away with the fairies.
c. 2012